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Bold Prints for 2014 Swimwear


2014 swimsuitsWhat is new for 2014 Swimsuit fashion straight from the runways are new bold prints that show some royalty, with bold golds and deep rich colors. Tribal prints with vibrant colors.  Animal prints are striking with a force.  Big tiger faces and jungle prints were on many of the runways for 2014 collections.

Most of the cuts were classic one pieces and two piece bikinis. However, one of the biggest styling trends are straps. It seems like designers added multiple straps on simple two piece swimsuits around the neck lines and hips. For consumers looking  just for style and not looking to be in the sun tanning, the heavy straps are sexy. The straps are not ideal for tanning.

2014 swimsuit styles have loads of color and prints, solids have metallic hues and shinny materials. Animal prints are literal and in your face.

Royalty Prints

Cia Maritima, A. Che Collections, Maaji and Luli Fama

Tribal Prints

L*Space and Hoffman 2014 Collections

Animal Prints 

Cia Maritima and Hoffman


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