Sexy Swimwear Under $20.00

You do not have to spend a fortune, break your budget or only buy designer brands to look great this spring and summer while wearing your swimsuit. In this economy shopping smart and paying less is on everybody mind. Paying less does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality or style. You can have both if you know where to shop and what to look for when choosing your swimsuit garments.

Never buy the cheaper swimsuits from an expensive store. You will probably end up with rags. Stores that are too cheap are probably not a good bet either, too cheap would be items that are as low as $9.00. Unless it is an old design from years past, it is more than likely a waste of money and will not hold up after one or two wears. Stores that sell multiple items like clothes, shoes, hand bags, etc.,  can be a risk. They are usually limited on swimsuit styles and do not offer the best designs for your buck.

When selecting your swimwear store online look to shop at stores that have a size chart, refund or exchange policy and good customer reviews.

World Swimwear has a great selection of quality swimsuits for low prices. All swimsuits are made of spandex or nylon, with cotton panty liners. Swimsuits are fully lined and do not see through when wet (with soft cup pad inserts). The swimsuits are made in Brasil, Korea, USA with a few being made in China. However, these selected few are higher end quality with many having embellishments.

Here are a few of my favorites from World Swimwear with prices that start from $19.99.

Sexy Cut Out Monokinis that start at $19.99 and go up to $29.99 in all different prints and solid colors.

This particular style of the cut out monokini run small in size, but they do offer sizes up to an XL.

Animal prints are always hot and never run out of style or fashion. Here are some wild animal prints that start at $28.00.


Monokini’s are HOT this season. These items are not easy to find in your local stores and can be quite costly. World Swimwear is known for their high quality Monokini’s that fit all ages and body types. They have many prints and solid colors, some starting as low as $29.99.

At these low prices items do not stay in stock very long. Shop early to get your perfect swimsuit this spring and summer!

World Swimwear


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